My vision and my passion

Welcome!! So happy you have found your way to my little space. My studio is located in Southeast MN, right along the Mississippi, in Lake City. I offer luxury photography services in Newborn, Child, and Family Photography. I also take on a handful of weddings every year. I love my clients and think of many of them as friends by the time we finish the session. It's just how it is! My ultimate goal is to capture images you will treasure for a lifetime, while providing you with a wonderful client experience.

If you are searching for a photographer who you will be comfortable with (maybe even friends with!), who you will trust with your precious children, and someone who can create images that will get you right in the feels, and make your heart skip a beat.... You are in the right place!

about the artist,

My name is Millie (short for Amelia) and I am the gal behind Willow Tree Photography. A little background - I have been in business for eight-ish years. I was primarily focused on family and wedding photography when I started. In the summer of 2018 I decided I couldn't pass up an opportunity to open a studio and dive into the world of newborn photography. Now I can't get enough! I love learning and refining my technique, but my primary goal is you, and creating artwork that you will treasure for years and generations to come. I love various genres of photography, but my favorites are Newborn, Child, Family, and Seniors.

My studio is located in Pretty Little Red Wing, MN.

More about Me...

  • I have a family that I adore, but whom also drive me crazy ;)
  • My kids are FIFTH generation born-and-raised Red Wing-ers.
  • I am an RN and will soon be starting a Doctorate of Nursing program!
  • I L.O.V.E. food. All of it.
  • In true Libra form, I want equity and all things to be fair.
  • I usually have at least two beverages to drink, one always being water, the other is usually coffee.
  • I love watching medical shows, like a nerd.
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